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Unlock a world of immersive human stories

Award-winning digital learning platform to broaden horizons and bring learning to life



Lyfta invites students to experience a world of human stories to broaden horizons and bring learning to life. Lyfta is an award-winning teaching and learning platform made up of interactive 360° spaces and soundscapes of real homes, workplaces and environments from around the world known as storyworlds. Lyfta provides a simple, accessible and impactful way for students to experience real people, cultures and perspectives, to nurture empathy and global citizenship.

Students are invited to travel the world, explore new places, unlock rich media content, and get to know real people through powerful and inspiring short films, ideal for modelling positive values and for sparking discussion on a range of topics.

Lessons and assemblies can be delivered from the front of the class or can be accessed by students from school or home with a simple passphrase. The quest tracker feature guides students through the experience and enables teachers to follow their progress.

Content and lessons cover a range of themes such as diversity and inclusion, sustainability, wellbeing, compassion and global citizenship, and are linked and searchable by key skills and values, KS2 and KS3 curriculum subjects, core themes and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our vision at Lyfta is that children will have been able to virtually visit every country in the world by the time they leave school. They will have experienced a slice of the life of at least one person from each country, experienced different cultures, languages, jobs, roles and perspectives. They will have seen, and formed a connection with, hundreds of positive human stories that model resilience, problem-solving, teamwork, and many other critical skills, values and competencies. They will be able to understand for themselves how interconnected and interdependent we are, and will have gained a deep awareness of their power and role in the world.

We are delighted to offer free training and trial access to Lyfta. Get started now and unlock a world of human stories for your students.


Unlock a world of immersive human stories and get started with Lyfta for free here 




“Lyfta really has been a lifeline this year- not a bolt on but a resource to enrich and enliven the curriculum.

Cannot recommend highly enough.”

Dan Morrow - CEO, Dartmoor MAT

“I am deeply impressed and moved. The potential mix of human experience and compelling digital presentation makes for something very special indeed.

Liz Robinson - Big Education