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New equality network: NAHT Disabled Members' Network

Following on from the incredible growth we've seen from our Leaders for Race Equality and LGBT+ networks and the interest we've received from several members, NAHT is looking to support the creation of a new equality network for disabled members.

The network will be a safe space for all members who identify as disabled to come together to discuss the experiences and issues facing disabled school leaders, both within the profession and NAHT itself.

We hope that the knowledge and experience from the network will help inform and deepen NAHT's expertise. It will also ensure we strengthen our representation for disabled members. Other opportunities may also be shared with the network, including feeding into discussions with different areas in the union, such as policy and NAHT's Diversity and Inclusion Group (DiG).

We will host the first session online early in the new year.  It will serve as an introductory event to hear how the other networks have been developed and progressed, meet other school leaders, share experiences, and explore how the new network might progress.

The network will be open to all NAHT members across the three nations, Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and overseas. And it is open to members from all sectors, including life membership.

If you would like to join, please complete the form below, and you will be added to the mailing list.


First published 16 December 2021