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Despite the announcement of an increase in overall school funding in August 2019, it is clear that most schools are still under enormous financial pressure.

Independent analysis of the government’s funding plans for schools has shown that the current proposals represent an ‘unprecedented 13-year real-terms freeze’ of school spending.

This comes at the same time that schools are facing significant and new additional costs as a result of the government’s new covid-19 requirements, and the 2020 pay settlement.

Furthermore, the government has chosen to distribute the additional funding in an uneven manner. This means that a large number of schools will only receive a 1.8% increase in their budget – many of these schools are those serving the most disadvantaged communities.

The settlement announced in 2019 does not go far enough and means that many schools will have to continue to make cuts in the coming years.

NAHT believes that all schools should receive sufficient funding so that every child receives the breadth and depth of education they deserve.

In addition, NAHT is calling on the government to fully reimburse schools for the additional costs they have incurred as a result of implementing the required covid-19 safety measures. 

What we have achieved

NAHT has been campaigning on school funding since January 2017.

The announcement of additional funding in 2019, while not in itself sufficient, was an important moment in the school funding campaign. The strength of the campaign meant that the government was no longer able to ignore the issue of school funding, and the additional £7.1 billion announced will certainly go some way to address some of the deep cuts we have seen since 2010.


It should be remembered that this additional £7.1 billion came on the back of the additional £2billion the campaign successfully secured in 2017. 

Last updated 27 October 2020