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NAHT comments on EPI education recovery report

Commenting on a new report published today (Friday 14 May 2021) by the Education Policy Institute (EPI) on the funding and steps needed to reverse pandemic learning loss, Paul Whiteman, general secretary of school leaders’ union NAHT, said:

“Investment in education over the rest of this parliament needs to match the government’s stated ambition to not leave any child behind. That means not just dedicating enough money from Treasury, it also means ensuring that money reaches the children who need it most, and in the most effective ways.

“At the very least, the UK government needs to match the investment we have seen in other developed nations like the USA and Holland. Anything less from our government would be short-changing young people.

“Some children have been more negatively affected by the pandemic than others, and it is those from disadvantaged backgrounds that educators are most concerned about. It’s vital that any package the government puts together reaches those areas that we know to be the hardest to reach – from ensuring sufficient high quality access to tutors in every part of the country, and timely access to the support services children need, to giving schools the flexibility to focus their efforts on what they know works best and aim the money where it is most needed.

"The education recovery plan must focus on more than just academic 'catch-up', by providing investment in extra-curricula activities - including the arts and sport – while addressing mental-health and wellbeing concerns that have grown through lockdown. There are no quick or easy fixes here – the only way to ensure successful recovery for all is sustained, long-term investment and an evidence-led approach that doesn’t overwhelm children. The government needs to listen to the profession on recovery and get it right, or they risk doing more harm than good.”

Press and Media contacts:

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First published 14 May 2021