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Asbestos management assurance process (AMAP)

The Department for Education (DfE) launched the AMAP in March 2018 to enhance its understanding of asbestos management in schools, asking all local authorities, governing bodies and academy trusts to participate in ensuring plans are in place to manage asbestos safely.

The data collection has been ongoing since early 2018, and the DfE released a report outlining the main findings in July 2019. Alongside the report, the DfE also released a spreadsheet to see which schools and responsible bodies participated in the AMAP. This spreadsheet is updated monthly to include any new schools and responsible bodies that have provided information. 

Update - July 2021

The AMAP Portal will re-open from July 2021 to 29 October 2021 to allow responsible bodies to complete or submit any outstanding information ahead of the portal's closure. This is the final opportunity for you to submit information. Following the closure of the AMAP Portal, the DfE will instead collect information regarding asbestos management through the Condition Data Collection 2 Programme.

NAHT's position on the AMAP

NAHT has been supportive of the DfE undertaking the AMAP and agrees it is an important exercise. It is critical that the Department has a clear picture of asbestos and its management across the school estate, but we are clear that this should ultimately result in the phased removal of asbestos from the school estate.


First published 13 July 2021