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Joint Union Asbestos Committee (JUAC) - Asbestsos in Schools campaign

Founded in 2010, the Joint Union Asbestos Committee (JUAC) is a non-party political group of trade unions (including NAHT) with a common interest in making schools and colleges safe from the dangers of asbestos. 

The constituent trade unions are NAHT, ASCL, GMB, NASUWT, NEU, UCU, UNISON, Unite and Voice.  


JUAC's ultimate goal is for a government-funded phased removal of all asbestos from educational buildings, starting with the most dangerous first.

In the interim, our focus is on the safe management of asbestos in schools and colleges. JUAC also campaigns to raise awareness about asbestos in educational buildings and for improved asbestos management.

JUAC's campaign goals

  • An independent review of the government's policy to manage asbestos rather than remove it

  • A government audit that collects and shares data centrally on the extent, type and condition of asbestos in all educational establishments

  • A funded programme for the phased removal of all asbestos starting with the most dangerous, with completion no later than 2028

  • Government support for duty holders through the provision of funded, mandatory training

  • Proactive inspections by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to ensure that educational establishments are managing asbestos effectively. 


You can access the further details about JUAC, along with resources and guidance, here.

First published 13 July 2021