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Leadership Focus

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 Our termly magazine for NAHT and NAHT Edge members. 

Leadership Focus November 2021 Features: A failure to invest: the state of school funding, free the STRB: the issue of pay for teachers and school leaders, values-based leadership and more 19 November 2021

Leadership Focus July 2021 Features: NAHT president Tim Bowen tell us about his priorities, we take a close look at education recovery and we discuss the new 'You Are Not Alone' book 28 July 2021

Leadership Focus April 2021 Features: the cost of covid-19, government’s pay freeze: tin-eared and wrong-headed, and Isle of Man: a David-and-Goliath pay battle 01 April 2021

Leadership Focus November 2020 Features: working with the ‘new normal’, improving schools, virtual democracy in action and everything equal 18 November 2020