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NAHT Discovery Education Pathway


NAHT Discovery Education Pathway

Professional development that empowers teachers and school leaders to flourish in their careers

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Are you struggling with your CPD, staff retention or your staff's wellbeing and motivation?

Now more than ever, we believe your wellbeing and personal development deserves as much attention as your professional development. If effective teaching considers the whole child, effective CPD considers the whole teacher, and that includes their motivations, knowledge and skills, career aspirations and, most importantly, their wellbeing.

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Invest in yourself and your team with NAHT Discovery Education Pathway: 

The empowerment tool for teachers and school leaders. 

NAHT Discovery Education Pathway is an online holistic programme that supports the continuous professional development of teachers and leaders in today's schools. 

We believe that as school teachers and leaders, your well being, motivation and creative ambitions deserve as much consideration as your professional skills. NAHT Discovery Education Pathway offers a fresh approach to CPD. Delivered via online channels, the Pathway programme was designed by industry leaders and experts as a holistic programme to help educators and school leaders develop personally and professionally in their careers. 

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What is NAHT Discovery Education Pathway?

24/7 access wherever you are to your personal online portal with over 20 on-demand courses available to you and your team.

  • Prioritise you and your team's well-being with online courses designed by experts to help you stay healthy, motivated and reflective in your work.Get exceptional advice and guidance from NAHT Discovery Education Pathway's Advice Hub and keep up-to-date with the latest changes and requirements in the education sector to support your professional development. 
  • Regain your sense of career direction and set goals, record achievements and track progress with you own personal dashboard.
  • Access podcasts, on-demand videos, blogs and more to stay up-to-date with emerging trends and thinking in the education sector. 
  • Connect with your fellow peers through our online community. 

"Discovery Education Pathway has been an extremely useful and thought-provoking part of my own CPD this year.  Through the well-organised and extensive programs on offer, I have been able to reflect and then plan for my next steps in career progression but also, develop thought pieces and professional dialogue with my staff. 

The video content is engaging and each course lets me progress at my own pace - whether that be an afternoon , hour or 5 minutes out of my usual day.  I would recommend Discovery Pathways for anyone who wants to develop their own CPD through a comprehensive and engaging resource, where everything is in one, easy-accessible place. 

Discovery Education Pathways has helped me to consolidate and extend my learning and practice as a leader which I have previously focussed on in my Masters in Educational Leadership and my National Professional Qualification for Headship. I hope to continue using Pathways as I move into a new headship role."

Mike, Deputy Head, County Durham. 


How do I access NAHT Discovery Education Pathway?

Pathway is an integrated programme offering continuous professional development (CPD) for teachers and leaders, accessed via an annual subscription and delivered through online channels. 

A subscription includes access to all the Pathway programme materials, including 20 modules, to support you in your development and identify areas of growth, for the duration of your subscription.

An individual Pathway licence is £395 per year and excludes VAT.

Discounts are available for whole school subscriptions and NAHT members. Price listed is per licence, per year. To benefit from whole-school pricing, all licences must be for teachers at the same school. 


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Our NAHT Discovery Education Pathway Authors

The authors and delivers of the units and modules that make up the programme are experts in their fields and include professors of education, highly experienced school leaders, teachers and educational consultants.  

Andrew Hammond
Andrew Hammond, Senior Director of Learning @Discovery Education
Chris Dale
Chris Dale
Hannah Tudor
Hannah Tudor, Head Teacher of St Mary of Charity Primary School
Mark Deacon
Mark Deacon
Mike Abraham
Mike Abraham, Experienced school leader and recruitment consultant
Tim O'Brien
Tim O'Brien, Professor @UCL Institute of Education and MCL University Limerick
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones, Experienced school leader
Hayley McKechnie
Hayley McKechnie, Experiences senior teacher
Mark Turner
Mark Turner
Marijke Miles
Marike Miles, Head teacher at Baycroft School, Fareham
David Gumbrell
David Gumbrell, Author and experienced head teacher
Hywel Roberts
Hywel Roberts, Experienced teacher and author
Max Coates
Max Coates, Professor of education, coach, former head teacher
Andrew Jeffrey
Andrew Jeffrey, Experienced teacher and author
Debra Kidd
Debra Kidd, Experienced school leader and author
Julie Keyes
Julie Keyes, Experienced teacher and educational consultant
Michael Chiles
Michael Chiles
Paul Whiteman web 200 x 200.jpg
Paul Whiteman, NAHT general secretary

“Now more than ever, our hard-working teachers and school leaders are feeling overworked and unsupported, and some are losing the energy and enthusiasm that they had at the start of their careers. This is leading to more teachers becoming disengaged and leaving the profession.  We understand that this can’t continue, and we are delighted to be working with Discovery Education to offer our community Pathway.  

Pathway is a learning solution that considers the whole teacher, and through online learning it helps our highly valued teachers and leaders become empowered; regaining their sense of career direction and overall confidence.”

Paul Whiteman, NAHT General Secretary 

ruth davies small.jpg
Ruth Davies, NAHT national president, NAHT Cymru president, peer inspector for ESTYN and experienced school leader


“NAHT believes this exciting new partnership gives members the chance to re-imagine their roles and functions within the context of 21st Century learning settings, with all the challenge and opportunity those bring, and to grasp their role as the school’s  “cultural architect” with renewed confidence.” 

Ruth Davies, NAHT President


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Catch up with all our NAHT Discovery Education Pathway webinars on-demand. Hear from the Pathway course authors and NAHT teachers about issues affecting schools today by visiting our YouTube channel. 

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